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What Goes Up…

… goes back down. But the momentum from the gravity of falling will hopefully provide a nice bounce when I hit the ground and send me back up again.

What the heck am I saying, right? Well, I tried to start of my week really well. Just being joyful and focused and cheerful, and that worked wonders! I even took pictures to share some marvelous Monday moments with you.

Breakfast is my favorite meal. And is always oatmeal.

Breakfast is my favorite meal. And is always oatmeal.

Found a good tune for the day.

Found a good tune for the day.

And took some time for tea. While studying, of course.

And took some time for tea. While studying, of course.

2013-11-18 023

And ended the day spending time with some of my sisters, who like to send me Snapchats of myself.

Since I had a test to study for, I didn’t get a run in yesterday. And since I stayed up too late actually being social with my friends, I slept through my alarm, missed my run, and was late to work today. Oh look, the ground is quickly getting closer to my face.

I am saying all this with humor of course. Life doesn’t keep you down forever. This is going to be one of those rough weeks- I know that there are many late nights and lots of work to be done, so that daunting feeling is looming in on me. I am making it my mission in life to get a run in tomorrow morning. I honestly feel fat, gross and tired from not moving. I hate that feeling!

I neglected to do a pile on the miles check in for last week. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my long run in with my dad. I woke up Saturday with my eye swollen shut. It was kind of disgusting, honestly. I did some running and walking on the treadmill throughout the day instead. Probably 6-8 miles (I didn’t keep track very well!) I think that gives me a total for the week of around 10-12. Not bad. Not great. But not 0, so that’s good.

Here’s hoping a make it to Sunday morning. And here’s hoping I finish this half without dying. I am pretty confident that unless something drastic happens, I should be able to at least finish. Will I beat my other time? Doubtful. I’m trying to calm my inner-competitiveness and look at this as a fun, training run anyway.

How is everyone else’s Tuesday? Hopefully better than mine – cheer me up with good news!

Is anyone else out there running the Women’s Running St. Pete race this weekend? Are you excited and ready to go?


A Very Blustery Winds-day.

This is what the world around me looked like on my run this morning:

I was totally ok with that, because with the gusty winds came wonderfully fall-like temps. That, mixed with taking the morning off of work (ironically for a different jobs staff meeting, right at 10:45 AM (seriously, the middle of the day??), made for an actually relaxing morning. Sure, there are probably 20 things I could have done instead of relaxing, but my soul has started to reject doing things. I think there is a name for this sickness…. oh yeah – procrastination. Oh well!

Nothing tastes better on a chilly morning than pumpkin-apple-cinnamon-raisin-maple oatmeal. It’s a mouthful (but, a mouthful that tastes really good.) Basically I took all the flavors of fall and put them in my oatmeal. Delicious and nutritious.

2013-11-13 002

AND – getting to wear some fall clothes! I literally brought this ONE sweater with me to school so it’s about time it got worn.

2013-11-13 005

Gah, looked at the clock and saw it was time to actually start my day. Off to brave the winds! At least I can say I got a great run in AND a blog post written before 10 AM – that’s semi-productive, right?

How’s the weather where you are? Is it making your runs awful or awesome?


“You’re Doing So Awesome!”

I can’t count how many times I screamed that this past Saturday. Volunteering at a race was a new thing for me, and I loved it. In fact, I’m volunteering at another on Friday :)

The half marathon this past Saturday was a doozy, though. I organized a huge group of my sisters to volunteer, as I  decided to make this our community service project for the semester. Since the half marathon was a completely new event this year, even the race coordinators were light-staffed, so I helped much more than an average volunteer would.

In fact, the large majority of the volunteers out there were the girls I was in charge of. The whole process was very intimidating. And time-consuming.

2013-11-09 002

And sleep-depriving.

After weeks of Excel spreadsheets and an almost all-nighter (there was a 45-minute nap from about 3:30 AM -4:15 AM), I woke up dark and early and quickly got ready to get over to our volunteer check-in point. I took the only picture of the day at that point. (Mostly because after about 3 hours, I look majorly ratchet. Pictures would have been a crime against humanity.)

My girls were basically set up as human traffic barriers. While that was their primary job, their secondary (and much more FUN) job was to cheer their heads off. Some were right at the start and the finish, some were at the 1 mile/11 point in the loop, and some where at the 9-10 mile point (not in a loop area). I walked around to different areas as much as I could, but my girls were spread out over several miles (I mapped the area later, I walked almost 6 miles while checking on things.)

For the most part, I was proud of my girls! They cheered, they chatted with spectators, and look excited to be there. Sure, there were some negative-Nancy’s who didn’t understand how important they could be to runners. If they ever decide to run  one day (I’ll give up hope…) they’ll see :)

I was EXHAUSTED by the time we finished up at 11 AM. I ran to Panera, scarfed down a soup and sandwich (I never had breakfast that morning!) and conked out for about 4 hours. I woke up, tried to do some homework, and watched movies until passing out again at 10 PM. Sunday, I literally felt a mixture of hung-over and jet lag. You would think I ran that darn thing!

It was so inspiring to actually watch the race. I haven’t watched one since I was little and my dad ran, and back then, I honestly had no clue what was going on, nor did I care to find out. Did I wish I was out there running too? Sure. But I found all the runners, from the winner to the last walker (actually a runner who got hurt along the course, but wanted to finish it up walking!) incredibly inspiring. If you ever get into a running funk, go watch a race. It will give you your mojo back!

Have you ever volunteered or been a spectator at a race?

Did you like it or did you think “never doing this again!”?

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Monday Morning Check In

Caution ahead….

Have you ever had a weekend following an insane week where you wished you could relax and recharge for the next busy week…

but it doesn’t happen, and then you feel emotionally and physically out of control….

and are afraid that you may explode, out of either anger and frustration or the excess of coffee and pumpkin bread in your system?

That’s where I’m at right about…….. now. Can it be Christmas yet?

The thing about life right now is that there are no breaks. None of the periods where there is free time, as there is always something waiting to get done. Work, school, work, school… Christmas vacation is the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ll write-up more about volunteering at the half marathon tonight (finger’s crossed!) It was pretty awesome. As for my pile on the miles goal… I didn’t quite make 14. But I did get somewhere in the 10-11 range! There came a point where my body just needed to stop moving this weekend. This next week, I am aiming for 14 again. Possibly more – I’d like to get one more 13 miler in before race – I can’t believe it is almost here already. I’d like to think I’m ready, but there are some doubts. Here’s to adrenaline and determination (and carb-loading).

Despite all this negativity, I’m still going into this week with a smile on my face (it may look like constipation, but I promise, it is a smile.)

How are you feeling? Ready to charge into the week or kind of like you’re walking in wet cement?

Pile on the mile-ers – how are your goals coming?

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Looking Forward to the Weekend

This coming Saturday I will be doing something I’ve never done before – volunteering at a half-marathon. It is the first half marathon to happen in the city where I attend school, so it is pretty exciting! Not only am I volunteering, but so are most of my 60+ sorority sisters, with myself at the helm as the community service chairwoman.

Eek. That’s a lot of people for me to be responsible for! Hopefully I can wake up and be spunky and cheery by our 5:45 AM call time :) Honestly, I would have loved to run this one. However, when I first heard about the race I wasn’t sure if I would be ready and I had already committed to the half at the end of the month. I think I could run it, but then the volunteer opportunity arose. It was like it was meant to be.

Oh, and yes – all of my sisters are laughing/groaning/nodding – “OF COURSE Kaitie would make us volunteer at a half marathon.”

I guess I have a reputation. Or an obsession. Or a habit of only taking about Disney, Running, and Food. (But really, is there anything better?)

I would like to make volunteering at races a more common thing for me – I love running, and I know how important volunteers are to the racing community. Hopefully this will be the first time of many. I am already signed up to volunteer at a local 5k next week as well.

Is anyone out there running the InnerAct Alliance Red Ribbon Half? I would love to cheer you on!

Look for the tired girls in pink.

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Refocusing – My Body

I’ve mentioned before how excited I am for November. October, while fun, was stressful and hard on my mental and physical health. So, I’m using November as a month of refocus.

Part of this effort is to get back into eating a healthier diet. I fell prey to a lot of convenience foods and a lot of sweets and carbs. There were some days I didn’t eat a single, solitary vegetable. How sad.

The biggest thing I am concentrating on is keeping my food choices as natural and unprocessed as possible. Whole fruits and vegetables, potatoes, oatmeal and nuts are the main composition of my diet. Other than the occasional vegan treat (like the Pumpkin muffies I made this weekend), the most processed thing I have consumed has been unsweetened almond milk. I’m okay with that :D !

I am also teaching myself to NOT think about food all hours of the day. That has often been a big problem for me, particularly when I try to use food as a stress relief. If you haven’t noticed, I have been blogging more, trying to get more sleep, and trying to spend more time with friends and family, away from temptations. It has definitely helped! I really am feeling more energetic, relaxed, and cheerful.

Have you ever had to get yourself out of a poor diet rut?

What are your most successful ways to de-stress other than food?


My Legs Hurt

But not too much. They hurt in the “wow its been awhile but boy are we happy that Kaitie finally got of her lazy butt and got us moving” type way. We ran somewhere between 12 and 13 miles yesterday, and it was great, all things considering. There was a minor, traumatic Gu-explosion-in-my-pocket-issue, but hey, I bet many runners out there have had to clean Gu off their iPhones, right?

So, I am 13 miles into my Pile on the Miles goal of 60 miles in November. 47 to go! I’m glad I kicked the whole thing off with a long run – picking away at 60 with 2 or 3 miles here or there would  be so much more discouraging. Plus, I am feeling so much more confidence for the race on the 24th. I know that I can finish within the time limit and not die. Until I have a chance in my life to really devote to speed training, finishing is about all I care about :).

2013-11-04 001The run has really put me in the most amazing mood. I got back to school after church and hit the ground running with productive things. And I felt HAPPY do these seemingly menial tasks – trust me, that means a lot.

I baked some delicious vegan pumpkin muffies. Which all my non-vegan friends proceeded to consume in great quantity. I love it when that happens ;).

I had been so productive that I rewarding myself by watching Once Upon a Time with some friends while NOT working on anything else at the same time. That almost never happens. It was refreshing to not have to split my concentration.

Personally, I think they NAILED Ariel – perfect choice in JoAnna Garcia Swisher. I mean, her last name is Swisher – swisher, swish, fish, swishy fish tails…. ? Am I crazy here?Once-Upon-a-Time-Ariel-350x241

Well, yes, we all know that!

I finished my schedule for the week, complete with plans for meals, God time, study time, work time… hopefully every night I can be in bed by 11 and up by 6. I’m a morning person all the way. Maybe I can even find time to dive into the ever-growing stack of magazines calling my name. 2013-11-03 002

My goals for this week are to run 30 minutes at least twice, and go to spin class twice. It seems like such a small amount, but honestly I think I’ve been trying to be too ambitious with my schedule, and that is when I emerge stressed and unhappy. This is much more doable.

Did you have any great runs or races this weekend?

Any goals for this week, big or little?


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